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Exploring Notes in iOS

Posted by on Jun 15, 2013 in Apple apps, iOS |

Exploring Notes in iOS Overview Notes is an App that comes with iOS. The App lets you type ideas down and lets you store them just on your device or by syncing via iCloud to other iOS devices or MACs on the same iCloud account. Notes can be used in either portrait or landscape modes. On the iPad On the iPad there is a list of notes to view on the left side with the current note being circled in red. (Note: Notes are listed from top to bottom by last-modified date. SEE BELOW) To Write a new...

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Exploring the Clock app on the iPad

Posted by on Jun 3, 2013 in Apple apps, iPad |

Exploring the Clock app on the iPad Overview The clock app has always been on the iPhone & iPod Touch as a stock app. The iPad finally received a redesigned stock app with iOS 6. The app consists of 4 main sections: World Clock section Alarm Clock section Stop Watch section Timer section Below we will go through these sections and see what each one does. The World Clock Section When you first open the clock app, the World Clock appears. On the top are the various clocks (1) for the cities...

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Magazines on the iPad using Newsstand

Posted by on May 24, 2013 in Apple apps, iPad, Tutorials & Help |

Magazines on the iPad using Newsstand What is Newsstand? Newsstand is a folder that holds your Magazines (Subscription Apps) that you can download from the Newsstand section of the App Store. Each Publication is a standalone app and manages you subscription for that magazine. (Note: The app is usually “FREE” and usually lets you download a sample of the magazine, however to get an actual magazine or a subscription there is usually a fee.) When you download one of these apps they...

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Customizing a Signature in iOS Mail

Posted by on May 19, 2013 in iOS Devices, Tips & Tricks, Tutorials & Help |

Customizing a Signature in iOS Mail Sent from my iPhone … Sent from my iPad … or Sent from my iPod is the default mail signature in iOS. If you would like more than this or something different you can set up a new and unique signature for all your email accounts. You can have one signature that covers all your accounts or you can have a different signature for each of your accounts. Below are the steps for changing your email signature. All devices use the same steps so I will use...

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A New Comics App for the iPad

Posted by on May 6, 2013 in iOS third party apps, iPad, Tutorials & Help |

Reading Comics on the iPad Download the New Go Comics App Comics have always been availabe on the iPad through Mobile Safari but there was a lot of tapping and resizing in order to read them clearly. One of the largest collection of Comics appears on the Go Comics Website. The site is run by Uclick and they have recently come out with a new app that is formated for the iPad. If you like comics, this is a clean way to read some of your favorites. Setting Up the App The first thing to do is go...

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