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Preview of MacOS

Posted by on Sep 12, 2016 in Meeting Notes |

macOS Sierra Features

Preview of macOS Sierra

Tonight we will talk about the changes in the mac operating system, macOS Sierra.

2016-09 – macOS Sierra copy.004.jpg

We will now preview some of the new features in macOS Sierra, but first lets see which mac’s it will work on.

  • MacBook Pro (2010 and later)
  • MacBook Air (2010 and later)
  • Mac Mini (2010 and later)
  • Mac Pro (2010 and later)
  • MacBook (Late 2009 and later)
  • iMac (Late 2009 and later)

NEW Features

There are 11 main new features. They are

  1. Mac will now have Siri
  2. Photos updated to include Memories, Intelligent Search, a Places Album and a People Album
  3. Apple Pay for Online Shopping
  4. A new way to Unlock your Mac
  5. A Universal Clipboard
  6. iCloud Drive
  7. Optimized Storage
  8. Improved Messages
  9. A New iTunes look
  10. Tabs for Documents
  11. Picture in Picture

We’ll now look at these features one by one starting with Siri.


With macOS Sierra, Siri is now available and has new features to help run your mac such as:

  • Siri will Multitask
  • Siri can locate your files
  • Siri results can be saved for later
  • Siri can search, drag & drop
  • Plus lots more


There have been 4 major new features in Photos. They are

  • Memories
  • Intelligent Search
  • Places Album
  • Faces Album


Memories automatically creates stunning slideshows and shareable collections of your best photos — based on people, places, holidays, and more. You can now rediscover favorite and forgotten moments from deep in your library

Intelligent Search

Intelligent Search with new advanced computer vision technology it can identify objects and scenes within your images. So you can search your photos by what’s in them. Find all your shots of the beach, every sunset you’ve captured, or every image with a birthday cake.

Places Album

Places Album places all your photos on a map so that you can find them quickly and easily based on where they were taken.

People Album

People Album, made possible with state-of-the-art face recognition technology, lets you sort your images by people in your life.

Apple Pay

Many shopping sites will now feature Apple Pay in Safari, which will make it more secure to pay on the web. You will complete your purchase with Touch ID on your iPhone or by double-clicking the side button on your Apple Watch.

Auto Unlock with Apple Watch

You can set up your Mac so that it can be automatically unlocked when your Apple watch is nearby without having to type in your password.

Universal Clipboard

Copy images, video, and text from your iPhone. Then paste to your nearby Mac — or vice versa. There are no extra steps. Just copy and paste as you normally do.

iCloud Drive

Now your Desktop and Documents folder — where most files are saved — can be automatically stored and updated in iCloud Drive. So you can always access them, including on a second Mac.

Optimized Storage

macOS Sierra can help make more room by automatically storing rarely used files in the cloud and keeping them available on demand. You can easily find every file right where you saved it. Just open it up and download the original as if it was always there.

It can also help you find and remove old files you no longer use. It reminds you to delete used app installers, and clears out duplicate downloads, caches, logs, and other unnecessary stuff. So you can be free of junk. It will even get rid of it for you, deleting items that have been in the Trash for 30 days.

Improved Messages

Express yourself in fun new ways. Send a huge emoji. Respond back with a heart or a thumbs-up on a friend’s message bubble. And play videos and preview links right in the conversation.


Finding your favorite songs and discovering new ones is even simpler with the freshly redesigned Apple Music inside iTunes. The revamped For You makes it easier to discover new music and playlists they think you’ll love. The new Browse section lets everyone see the best of what’s available on Apple Music. And now you can view lyrics while you listen in the refined MiniPlayer.

Document Tabs & Picture in Picture

Document Tabs

Now it’s easy to keep windows from piling up on your desktop. Tabs work just as they do in Safari.

Picture in Picture

Now you can float a video window from Safari or iTunes over your desktop or a full-screen app. Play the video in any corner of the desktop and resize it to see more or less of what’s behind it.


These are the major features in macOS Sierra. As we can see from our past presentations on iOS 10, Apple tv and apple watch along with this presentation on macOS Sierra, Apple is continually taking these 4 different platforms and letting them work alone or with one another.

 To download a pdf version click here: macos-sierra-features
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