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Magazines on the iPad using Newsstand

Posted by on May 24, 2013 in Apple apps, iPad, Tutorials & Help |

Magazines on the iPad using Newsstand

What is Newsstand?

Newsstand is a folder that holds your Magazines (Subscription Apps) that you can download from the Newsstand section of the App Store.

Each Publication is a standalone app and manages you subscription for that magazine. (Note: The app is usually “FREE” and usually lets you download a sample of the magazine, however to get an actual magazine or a subscription there is usually a fee.)

When you download one of these apps they automatically move into the Newsstand. These downloaded apps are the only apps allowed in this folder. (You cannot drag apps in or out of this folder.)

To access the Newsstand tap on it’s icon (1) and the Newsstand opens up.

To view a magazine tap on its icon (2)

To go to the Store tap on Store (3)

What is Newsstand?

Navigating the Store

The Store in Newsstand is part of the App Store and is setup the same as the apps only this section is for magazine subscriptions.

On the top bar there are 6 buttons. The one on the left (1) directs you back to the Newsstand. The other 5 buttons (2)lets you choose from the predefined categories.

Below the top bar is the Feature Slider (3). You can tap on any feature here that interests you.

On the main screen (4), you can swipe up & down to view different categories.

Once you choose a section you can swipe to the left to view the different magazines in that section.

The bottom bar takes you to the other main sections in the App Store.

Navigating the Store

Using a Newsstand App

Every app is different because each app is developed by the magazine, but there are some similarities.

Here is where you can manage your subscription.

  • You wil find a place to download and purchase either individual copies or subscribe.
  • You can also see any previously purchased copies.
  • If you have a downloaded copy you can tap on view button to read the publication.
  • You can delete downloaded copies from your device.
  • You can restore past copies to your device.

Once you have purchased a copy of a magazine it is always available to you from the app.

Using a Newsstand App

Other tips

Since each publication is a standalone app, additional assistance or information for that publication, you can refer to the app’s built-in help or App Store listing.

Newsstand updates subscriptions only when using a Wi-Fi connection. If you aren’t seeing the latest issue:

  1. Verify that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  2. Check Settings > Newsstand to verify that automatic download is enabled for that publication.
Other tips
If you want the pdf version tap or click here:     Magazines on the iPad using Newsstand
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