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iPhone Photo Hints

Posted by on Oct 29, 2017 in Tips & Tricks |

Here is video from the iPhone Photo Academy featuring 7 Hidden iPhone Camera Features That Every Photographer Should Use.

In this video you’re going to discover…

►One simple trick to never take a blurry iPhone photo again (this is a key feature of the iPhone camera that hardly anyone knows how to use)

►The secrets behind some of my favorite iPhone photos with over 2000 likes on Instagram (and the techniques I used to take these photos)

►Why your iPhone photos sometimes end up too dark or too bright (and a simple technique to help you control the brightness of your photos)

►Secret camera mode that allows taking up to 10 photos per second (this is how the best iPhone photographers always catch the right moment)

►An incredibly powerful iPhone camera feature for taking well-lit photos even in situations where DSLR cameras would struggle with exposure

►What AE/AF Lock is – and how you should use it to greatly improve the quality of your iPhone photos (it’s actually a lot easier than it sounds)

►One weird trick for staying unnoticed while taking candid photos ********** MORE TIPS AND TRICKS: Subscribe: Website:

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