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iOS 9 Wrap up

Posted by on Dec 14, 2015 in Meeting Notes |

Below are the slides and meeting transcript from the Apple iClub meeting of December 14, 2015,

iOS 9 Wrap up

New Feature Wrap up

Now let’s begin our iOS 9 Wrap up with some new and changed features in:

  • Maps
  • Spotlight Search
  • iCloud Drive
  • Attachments in Mail
  • Notification Center
  • External Keyboard Support

Maps Transit Cities

Maps now features public transportation routes such as metro, bus, train and ferry routes in select cities

Maps Nearby Countries

and the Nearby Feature in select countries

Spotlight Search

Spotlight now has enhanced search capabilities, a new page layout and plenty of Siri suggestions.

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive now supports all types of files not just the Apple ones like Pages & Numbers. These files are now available on all your devices.

In order to view these new files there is now a new iCloud Drive app.

Attachments in Mail

A new feature in Mail now allows you to easily attach any file to your email.

Notification Center

The biggest change here is the 2 panel landscape view

External Keyboard Support

Apple now allows Keyboard shortcuts similar to those on a Mac.

For a complete list of keyboard short codes Click here: 9 to 5 Mac external key board shortcuts

Live Demo transcript of the meeting

Nearby Feature

We’ll start with maps and the Nearby feature.

When you tap on the search bar a new window appears where you can find   local businesses by category

Tap on a category and a sub menu appears.

Tap on a specific category and they all appear on the Map


Now for the new Transit feature. After we open maps just tap on the Information icon on the bottom right. A Menu appears with several choices. To activate the Transit map just tap on Transit.

Lets go to one of the Cities, New York, that transit supports. We’ll start in Times Square.

On this map you can see the subway and bus routes and stations that are nearby.

You can also get directions using the transit system in these cities.

To do this just tap on Directions in the upper left corner.

Tap To: in the search bar in the Start box it is usually your current location.

We will change current location to Times square and in the end box we’ll go to the Empire State building.

A sidebar now opens in this case gives 3 choices on how to get there.

Choose the one you want and tap the info icon to get the directions including the walking directions to reach your destination.


Spotlight Search

Besides sliding down from the middle, Spotlight search can now be accessed  by sliding to the right from the home page with some new features.

The first area contains Siri Suggestions which includes recent contacts and apps that Siri thinks you may want to use

Next comes Nearby again which is the same function as the one in Maps.

The last area contains some News from Apple’s News App.

When you do search more things are now included in the results such as applications, websites contacts maps and other apps that allow for searches.

And if you choose one of these suggestions you can always go back to the search by tapping in the upper left corner

iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive is a new iOS app that allows you to see all your iCloud documents in one place.

It does not appear automatically. You must turn it on in settings. To do this go to:



iCloud Drive

and toggle on Show on Home Screen

Now you can see the app and open it to reveal its contents.

Besides the Folders Apple has set up you now have the ability to create your own folders and store any data file or document in iCloud.

All these documents are available on any device that has iCloud turned on and is under the same Apple id.

Attachments in Mail

Lets open Mail and start a new email.

To add an attachment press and hold in the body of the email and you now see several choices. The last choice is Add Attachment.

Tap that and iCloud Drive opens and you can choose a file to place in the email.

Notification Center


Lets look at the new landscape view in the Notification Center on the iPad.

The is now a 2 panel format with the Today view on the left and widgets and notifications on the right. Both of which are scrollable and you can edit both areas to make them your own.

Enhanced External Keyboard Support

When an external keyboard is paired with your device you can now have various keyboard shortcuts to help you.

To pair a keyboard go to


Bluetooth  and turn it on if it is not already

Turn on your keyboard and it should find it and connect.

Once it’s connected you can now do the following

You can easily switch between active apps by holding the command key and using the tab key. when you are at the app you want just release and the app will open.

We just opened notes. You now see just the formatting bar at the bottom of the screen without the on screen key board

In some apps such as notes there are other keyboard shortcuts just for that program. To see what they are just hold down the command key.

To select text you just use the shift and arrow keys

You can also use the delete key and Command z to undo the previous key strokes

Some of the function keys also work for your device for an example the F1 and 2 keys will adjust the brightness of the screen

 To download a pdf version click here:    iOS 9 Wrap up
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