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Here’s How To Tell What Applications Will Stop Working In iOS 11

Posted by on Sep 3, 2017 in iOS |

Here is an article from Forbes on how to find those apps on your device that will not work with iOS 11.

Here’s How To Tell What Applications Will Stop Working In iOS 11

Anthony Karcz

If you’re running the iOS 11 beta and you see this, it’s time to weigh your options

As I’ve mentioned in previous iOS 11 Public Beta roundups, support for 32-bit apps is going away in iOS 11. Mostly, these will be older apps that you’ve dragged forward from device to device while restoring your iPhone from backups. But either the app has been removed from the App Store or abandoned by its original developers. Whatever the reason, it’s time to say goodbye to old favorites (RIP the Solitaire app my wife has had on her phone since she got her first iPhone 3) and find alternatives if updates aren’t coming.

But how do you know what apps aren’t going to work, which are going to get updates, and which will be DOA when iOS 11 is released? You don’t have to run the beta to find out. Apple already has what you need to check compatibility in the latest version of iOS 10.

Anthony Karcz

Even if you don’t have iOS 11 yet, you can still check compatibility

In the Settings app, select General > About > Applications. There, you’ll see a list of apps on your phone that will not be compatible with iOS 11 (i.e. 32-bit apps). Selecting an app in the list will let you know if the app is still available on the App Store (and therefore might have another shot at being upgraded to a compatible 64-bit version) and which are not available (i.e. dead as a doornail).

It’s important, for those apps that are no longer available, that you pull any crucial data you need out of them now before iOS 11 arrives. Once you upgrade, you’ll no longer be able to open the app and will receive a compatibility notification when you try. After you transfer or export your data, go ahead and delete the app. It’s dead weight.

Recommended by Forbes

Developers were notified months ago that this milestone was coming, so chances are, if they haven’t upgraded an app yet, they’re not going to. You might want to check their home page or blog to see if there are newer versions of your app (some developers released 64-bit apps under similar names to the original) or if there are other alternatives.

So what apps have you found that won’t work with iOS 11? Anything that would keep you from upgrading from iOS 10? Were there any abandoned apps that surprised you? I only had one dead app, OutSider, a fun running/weather app, but nothing that’s mission critical for me. Let me know what you found in the comments.

I’ll be back later this week with news about the latest iOS 11 Public Beta. In the meantime, you can check out my latest update, see how to get started with beta testing iOS, and how to uninstall the iOS 11 beta.

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