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Looking for Help?

Looking for Help?

Are you looking For help with your Apple Product?

Then come to one of the hands on help sessions listed below. Just tap on one of the buttons below to find out more.

 Apple Help Tips

By Mark Feldman

After assisting at the Apple Help meetings at both Saddlebrook and Paradise, there are three items that are the greatest obstacles in providing you the help you want. Only you can provide these three items. So, when you come to a help meeting, please do the following:

  1. Know your Resident ID number AND your 4-digit golf PIN number. (Both are necessary to connect to the internet)
  2. Know the User Names and Passwords for all of your Apple accounts (often all the same) and for any accounts or applications you may need help with (Gmail, 1Password, web sites, encrypted files or disks, etc.)
  3. Bring the device (Computer, iPad, iPhone, etc.) with you the help session. Most often, we can’t help if can’t see and work on the device.

To find out about these meetings go to TVAUG Meetings

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