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Exploring the Clock app on the iPad

Posted by on Jun 3, 2013 in Apple apps, iPad |

Exploring the Clock app on the iPad



The clock app has always been on the iPhone & iPod Touch as a stock app. The iPad finally received a redesigned stock app with iOS 6.

The app consists of 4 main sections:

  • World Clock section
  • Alarm Clock section
  • Stop Watch section
  • Timer section

Below we will go through these sections and see what each one does.

The World Clock Section

When you first open the clock app, the World Clock appears. On the top are the various clocks (1) for the cities that have been programed. If the clock is white the city is in daylight hours and if black, night time. Just tap on any clock and you will get a giant clock like the one shown above.

Below the clocks is the world map (2). Here each city appears in its location on the map with the time, temperature and a weather icon. The light area on the map shows which part of the earth is in daylight.

The Bottom bar (3) of the app lets you toggle between the 4 different sections.

To add a new clock, swipe the top bar to the left until you see a clock face with an “Add” (4) beneath it. Just tap on it , a new dialog will appear where you can type in a new city.

To delete a city, tap edit (in the upper lefthand corner of the screen) tap on the red circle and then tap delete.

Note: In edit you can also choose between Centigrade and Fahrenheit.

The World Clock Section

The Alarm

To go to the Alarm section just tap the Alarm button on the bottom of the screen.

This screen has 2 main display panels. The Top Panel which displays, from left to right, the name of the alarm and if it is a repeating alarm (1). The Time the alarm is set for (2) and if the alarm is on or off (3).

The bottom panel is a weekly view of all you alarms. Alarms in blue (4) are on and alarms in grey (5) are off.

To set an alarm tap the + button in the upper right of the screen. Here you choose to repeat or not, what kind of sound you want for the alarm, if you want a snooze or not and finally a label for your alarm. Below these options is the usual iOS time wheel where you set the time.

To turn an alarm on or off , just toggle the on off button (3).

To change or remove an alarm, tap the edit button on the upper left of the screen.

When an alarm is set a white clock face appears in the status bar (6).

The Alarm

The Stopwatch

The Stopwatch feature is also divide into 2 sections. The top black section shows the START/LAP Button (1) the timer, with the lap split times below (2) and the STOP/RESET button(3).

The bottom section records the lap times (4).

To start the Stopwatch tap the START button. To stop the Stopwatch tap the STOP Button.

To record a lap tap the LAP button, when the race is complete tap the STOP button

To record another race tap the RESET button.

The Stopwatch

The Timer

The timer is composed of 3 areas:

  • The START/DONE button
  • The PAUSE button
  • The timer wheel

To use the timer set the desired time on the timer wheel by swiping the hours & minute sliders (1).

Now tap the START button (2) and the timer will start to count down. You can pause the timer at any time by tapping the PAUSE button (3).

When the time is up, an alert and sound is heard and continues until it is tapped off.

To select the sound to be heard tap the Sounds button (upper Left) (4).

The Timer
If you want the pdf version tap or click here: Exploring the Clock app on the iPad
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