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Exploring Notes in iOS

Posted by on Jun 15, 2013 in Apple apps, iOS |

Exploring Notes in iOS



Notes is an App that comes with iOS. The App lets you type ideas down and lets you store them just on your device or by syncing via iCloud to other iOS devices or MACs on the same iCloud account. Notes can be used in either portrait or landscape modes.

On the iPad

On the iPad there is a list of notes to view on the left side with the current note being circled in red. (Note: Notes are listed from top to bottom by last-modified date. SEE BELOW)

  1. To Write a new note, Tap + and write a new note.
  2. To Read a note, Tap any note in the list or to toggle between notesTap → or ← to see the next or previous note (6).
  3. To Edit a note, Tap anywhere on the note to bring up the keyboard -> Edit your note.
  4. To Delete a note Tap the Trash Can on the bottom of the note
  5. To Share Tap the Share Arrow
On the iPad

On the iPhone or iPod Touch

Because of the smaller screen to navigate to a note you have to Tap through a menu to see your notes.

  1. When you first open Notes you see accounts. Tap on the account you want to use.
  2. You now see your notes in that account.
  3. Now just tap on the note you would like to see or tap the + to write a new note. (NOTE: Notice the + is on all screens so you can Tap for a new note on any of them.)
  4. The bottom of the note page has the same icons as on the iPad.
On the iPhone or iPod Touch

iCloud Syncing

To sync Notes with iCloud:

Tap on Settings

  1. Tap on iCloud
  2. Turn Notes on

Make sure this is done on all you devices that you want Notes to sync with.

iCloud Syncing

Folders in Notes

When you first open Notes the folder list appears on the left hand side. NOTE: All notes are placed in folders.

There are 3 Main folders

  1. All Notes:This is where all your notes that you have made are shown
  2. The next folder is My iCloud Account. These are the notes stored in iCloud.
  3. The third folder is the Notes that are stored on just this device.

Below each of Folders are the sub folders for each main folder.

To make a new note by Tapping the + the note goes into the default folder.

To choose your default folder go to Settings -> Tap on Notes and choose your default account. NOTE: You can also choose the font used in Notes here.

If you do not want to use the default folder Tap on the folder you want to use before you Tap the +


Folders in Notes

Making New Folders

With the present version of Notes new folders can only be made on the OSX MAC version.


If you want the pdf version tap or click here: Exploring Notes in iOS

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