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A New Comics App for the iPad

Posted by on May 6, 2013 in iOS third party apps, iPad, Tutorials & Help |

Reading Comics on the iPad

Download the New Go Comics App

Comics have always been availabe on the iPad through Mobile Safari but there was a lot of tapping and resizing in order to read them clearly. One of the largest collection of Comics appears on the Go Comics Website. The site is run by Uclick and they have recently come out with a new app that is formated for the iPad. If you like comics, this is a clean way to read some of your favorites.

Download the New Go Comics App

Setting Up the App

The first thing to do is go to the App Store and search for “go comics”. It should appear on your screen and you can download the App. (This is a Free App)

After the app is downloaded you can open the app and the following screen will appear.

This screen has 5 sections

  1. The Menu Bar. On the left side is a drop down menu. In the Center The Go Comics Logo and on the Right is a search icon ( Tap this to Find a Comic)
  2. The next section is Slider Panel. This is where a few comics are shown
  3. The third section a green band, which is used to sign in or create an account. (This is free and when done allows you to pick and save the comics you would like to read often so you don’t have search every time)
  4. The fourth are is the Popular Comics area where you can swipe though the choices and when you find one you want to read just tap its icon.
  5. The final section is the AD Banner. This is why the app is free. (There is a paid option to remove the ads and get some other features)
Setting Up the App

Signing In and saving comics to My Comics Page

Tap The Green Bar (3) to set up your Free account. Fill in the required info and tap OK.

Now start finding comics you would like to read on the Popular comics area (4).

When you find one to read tap on it and it will appear in its own screen.

If it is one you would like to keep tap the Share icon on the lower left of the screen.

A pop up will appear. Tap the Add to my Comics button.

When your finished tap the Home button.

Signing In and saving comics to My Comics Page

Viewing My Comics

Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the Menu bar and a dropdown menu will appear.

On the left side of the screen tap the My Comics Icon and all your saved comics will appear.

If you need futher instructions there is a help icon on the bottom of the drop down menu

Viewing My Comics

Enjoy your New personalized Comics

Enjoy your New personalize Comics
If you want the pdf version tap or click here: Reading Comics on the iPad
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